Caruso’s Floors


Caruso’s Floors is located in Spokane, Washington and has been a trusted name in Eastern Washington for the last 79 years. We have everything you need for your floor; carpet, tile, hardwood and area rugs. Contact us today at 327-6661.

Longtime “Linoleum Shop” to become “Caruso’s Floors”


In 1933, our country was in the midst of The Great Depression.  Times were tough and jobs were scarce. Brothers Phil and Sam Caruso, were selling linoleum flooring door to door in the San Francisco Bay area.

When Phil read that President Roosevelt had approved plans to construct Grand Coulee Dam, he recognized that there would be great prosperity in Washington.  He then decided to move back home to open Spokane’s first specialty flooring shop.  The Linoleum Shop opened its doors on North Monroe, in what had been his father’s grocery store.

Eighty years later, the Caruso family’s flooring store continues to thrive in Spokane, providing full lines of flooring products with knowledgeable and friendly sales staff.  Owned and operated by Phil’s son Bill and grandson Mark, the Caruso’s have continued to adapt and expand the business.

It is in this spirit that the Caruso’s have decided to change the long standing name of the company from The Linoleum Shop to Caruso’s Floors.  As Mark put it, “We are grateful for the history and longevity of this business. However, with all the products available today, we feel the word linoleum doesn’t reflect the scope of products we sell.”  Bill added that, “We’ve survived and thrived in the Spokane economy because we have learned to make the right changes at the right time, and now is the time for Caruso’s Floors.”